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So, what do you complain for? Your computer won´t boot again? You think your machine runs too slowly? You need a faster processor? You´ve run out of Hard Drive space? Have you experienced a Hard Drive crash? Have you got problems with Internet access?

There is no need to get upset and frustrated; we´ll fix all of these and even more. Extreme Systems is a Addison computer services business. We offer a wide variety of IT services for clients in Dallas area. More than that, we offer our customers the best reasonable prices for all kinds of computer services.


[ Computer Repair Services ]

Extreme Systems computer services highly proficient staff provides competent computer repair services for desktop and laptop. We provide repair and assistance services for both home and business computers. You can take advantage of our first-class Addison computer services in the quiet of your home or business site.


[ Virus and Spyware removal ]

Are you are undergoing some troubles because of virus and spyware, we can solve these, too. Our Addison computer services have professional virus, and spyware removal services. And besides, you will receive valuable advice from our professional technicians concerning comprehensive maintenance of your computer so as to avoid possible virus attacks.


[ Computer and Laptop Upgrade ]

With the advent of technology, your system will require upgrades for better operation. If you need an upgrade for your computer memory, processor, hard drive, Video Cards our Addison computer service can offer you these. Extreme Systems provides computer and laptop upgrades for improved functionality of your system.


[ Computer Hardware Installation ]

When ever you come across a problem with computer hardware installation, please feel free to call for our Addison computer services. We do installations of computer components, such as Video Cards, Lan Cards, and more. We can also assist you with installation of input and output devices, such as printers and scanners.


[ Computer networking services ]

Extreme Systems also provides computer networking services. Accordingly, we can offer you support with wireless networking and router installation. More than this, expert techs from our Addison computer service are skilled in repair and maintenance services intended for home and small business.


[ Computer data recovery services ]

When there seems no way out, people come to us for Addison computer services. Many satisfied customers greatly appreciate our competent emergency Hard Drive data recovery services. Every time you need to recover deleted, lost or damaged information on your computer, you can rely on us.


[ Computer data backup ]

If you are concerned about losing the valuable information on your office computer, just call us and forget about your worries. Our Addison computer service will provide you computer data backup services for you and your business. With our help, you´ll never lose your data anymore.


Extreme Systems is your number one specialist in computer repair for your home or small business needs. Each time you need assistance with anything included in our list or else, don´t hesitate to give us a call. Our Addison computer service team is familiar with multiple areas. We can do for you all kinds of hardware and software repair and support.

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